CdeP 1962 Fire and Flood Reports

1962 Don Porter checked on all 1962 classmates affected by the recent fires and floods.

Paul Recsei reports, “We live in a chaparral ‘wild land-urban interface’ and were under mandatory evacuation orders for both the fire and then for the deluge. But mandatory does not mean mandatory in this case, so my wife and I decided to stay at home and we rode it out both times. Fire fighters were phenomenal and no doubt the same is true for rescue and recovery workers.”

Bill Baldwin notes, “I was fine in Florida.”

Chuck Gray updates, “We’re fine and actually in Italy at the moment. We did have to evacuate for the fire but no harm and were out of the flood zone for the flooding. The devastation has been horrific, and the recovery is going to take some time.”

David Van Horne informs, “We are fine. We had limited technology to communicate, except for the reliable old ‘land line.’ Devastation was all around and no movement in or out of the community. Katie was also fine after the downpour.”

David Marsten describes, “I think we all are tired from the dramas of the past three months… I hope the rest of 2018 is quieter. We are fine now though it took two months before we could return home… and a month of cleaning up to put things in order. Quite an ordeal!”

Sandy Larsen reports, “I was on Maui with girlfriend celebrating birthday 63. Fires were within one mile, but house is ok. I had to evacuate for 10 days and stayed with sister Kay in Marin.”




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