Kay Bradford ’05

Gabe Yette ’05 and Kay

My husband, Rob, and I got married on my birthday, September 3, in my hometown in Lake Tahoe. There were many toads in attendance, including Gabe Yette (CdeP 2005) who was my bridesman. (Hill Hastings CdeP 1966 was there too but missed the big photo)

Kay Bradford CdeP 2005

Front L to R, Jamie Hastings (’02), Betsy Bradford Peretti (’02), David Kepner (’07), Gabe Yette (’05), Rob Collier (TSO ’05), Me (’05), Kacey Perkins-Tift (’95), Sarah Perkins (’97), Shannon Higa (’99)
Back L to R: Kirsty Mark Poore (’05), Chandler Pease Berkman (’05), Ed Cahill (’05), Sam Felton (’05), Conner Schryver (’05), Barrett Brown (’05), Ben Skye-Babbott (’05), T.J. Bermant (’05), Elliot Perkins (’93), Newlin Hastings (’70)

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