Betsy Bradford ’02

John Peretti and I got married July 3, 2017, in my home town, Lake Tahoe. There was a lively Thacher bunch at the party… with a full rendition of the banquet song and Domine; the other guests had no idea what we were doing! John loves Thacher and was thrilled to meet so many people at reunion this year; we wish the next one were sooner.

In the photo, left to right:
Andrew Poole CdeP ’02
Jess Milligan (married to Claire Milligan ’02)
Melinda Poole (mom to Andrew, and wife to Bruce ’74)
Ben Johnson (married to Laurel Peterson ’02)
Laurel Peterson (CdeP ’02)
Elliot Perkins (CdeP ’93)
Kay Bradford (CdeP ’05)
Sarah Perkins (CdeP ’97)
Newie Hastings (CdeP ’70, Trustee)
Betsy Bradford (CdeP ’02)
Hill Hastings (CdeP ’66)
John Peretti (Groom)
Matt Spille (CdeP ’02)
Marshall Milligan (CdeP ’69)
Shannon Hastings Higa (CdeP ’99)
Gretchen Milligan (Married to Marshall, Trustee)
Kacey Perkins Tift (CdeP ’95)
Claire Milligan (CdeP ’02)
Laura Neville (CdeP ’02)
Jamie Hastings (CdeP ’02)

Also we were saddened to be without my grandmother and namesake Betsy Hastings MD (married to Newlin ’34, former trustee). She passed away Feb 18, 2017, at the age of 100, surrounded by close friends at dinner (she literally just fell asleep and we couldn’t imagine a better way to go). Throughout her life she was an avid Thacher supporter, and attended many of our sports games and frequently took as out for dinner while at Casa de Piedre (8 grandchildren and 2 sons attended Thacher, as well as more of the extended family). We miss her dearly.

Betsy Bradford CdeP 2002

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