Sam Wright ’48

The tradition of the “San Francisco Do Nothing Except Have Christmas Lunch Club” (SFDNEHCLC) continued this last December courtesy again of Eliot Hayne ’48 at the Pacific Union Club. Those in attendance: Mark Hayne ’86, Isobel Hayne ’14, Cecilia Hayne ’07, Cabot Brown ’79, George Montgomery ’51, Kirk Kirkham ’50, Jim Acquistapace ’61, Peter Dunne ’48, Donald Gregory ’46, Sandy Walker ’48, and Eric Dohrmann ’49.

Sadly, this last year the class of ’48 lost two members: Bill Bucklin and Ed Welch. We are looking forward to celebrating our 70th (!) reunion next June as well as bidding a heartfelt farewell to the Mulligans who, as Michael says “will graduate with class of 2018” AVE ATQUE VAlE!

Sam Wright CdeP 1948

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