Natalie Selzer ’08

In summer 2016 three of us from the class of 2008—Meredith Dworkin, Douglas Land, and Natalie Selzer—reconnected in the old Thacher way: during a weekend camping trip (this time with a car full of snacks parked nearby and something other than water in our Sierra Cups). Our outdoor excursion in San Simeon, California, brought back fond Thacher memories and offered a great chance to catch up, laugh hard, and eat well. But there were challenges, too. Most prominent among the weekend’s obstacles was a bull encountered on a coastal trail. Note to readers: despite Douglas’ proclamation that “cows are friendly” and Natalie’s insistence that the animal’s agitated head rubbing on the ground was “because it was itchy,” Meredith’s healthy skepticism was the right attitude. Had we heeded her warnings, we might not have been charged by a bull, had to jump over the trail’s edge, or been forced to cling to a cliffside that, it would later become apparent, was covered in some pretty tenacious poison oak. We’re looking forward to our next excursion!

Natalie Selzer CdeP 2008

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