Bennett Kissel ’07

I’m working with a local non profit in Cali, Colombia, that converted a small ship into a hospital. We sail up and down the remote Pacific coast of Colombia on 10 day missions, acting as the sole health care provider/educator to the thousands of Afro-Colombian, indigenous, and displaced populations affected by the armed conflict. It’s difficult but necessary work. Many of our patients have never seen a doctor before ​in their lives. If anyone has interest in capacitating us in any way, or getting engaged to help these isolated people, or just to say hello, please reach out. (under construction)

In other news, my sister, Bianca CdeP 2004, is now a mother which makes me an uncle; and my other sister, Marguerite CdeP 2005, is now engaged—which means I will soon have a new brother. Grateful for all that, and more. Sending you all my very best.

Bennett Kissel CdeP 2007

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