Michael Milligan ’62

1962MichaelMilliganMichael Milligan and very fine artist wife Jeanne E. traveled to Germany in September, just in time for Oktoberfest and, as Michael states, “its preponderance of stopped glottals, Bavarian lagers, our declining tolerance for viener schnitzel and a vast tsunami of drunken twenty-somethings yelling mindlessly into the night.” Ahhh, but the real reason for their journey was obviously their visit to “BMW’s very own universe” where they were greeted by a stunningly sleek black convertible …. which they promptly drove at 100 mph to Italy and the very spot to which, twenty-one years ago, they had promised each other they would return. “In 1994 we made a laughing promise that someday we would return to drive through the Dolomites in a convertible with the top down, playing Wagner as loudly as possible.” They kept their promise, “racing through those serpentines with the Pilgrims’ Chorus from Tannhäuser rising into a colossal ‘Hallelujah’—us singing along—and Jeanne E. waving her arms above the car.” Skip Porter bets Dave Marsten heard it.

Michael Milligan CdeP 1962

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