Billy Irwin ’06

2006BillyIrwinHey All!

I am sure most of my classmates know that I now have 2 children. My son, Axel, was born March 25, 2015 and my daughter, Alexandria, was born June 18, 2012. Looks like the family is complete!

On a business note I am happy to announce that after 4.5 years of hard work I finally finished my development project in Bali, Indonesia. (

I moved to Bali in September, 2010 with plans to stay for just one year. That evolved into directing my own Villa Development and Management company.

Unfortunately, we won’t be making it back for the 10 year reunion but would love to host any of you that make it out to Bali!

Much Love,

Billy Irwin CdeP 2006 and Family

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