Arnie Moore ’63

Well, I’m finally a grandfather, at age 70! James Prentiss Moore joined life’s parade on March 26. He is now approaching 6 months, and is thriving and growing—this despite a difficult pregnancy, arriving 2 months premature, and undergoing heart surgery at the ripe age of 5 days. My son, Cosmo, honored my side of the family by continuing the name Prentiss. He is the fourth generation to carry that name, not to mention the continuation of our surname. The best part is that we live next door, so we get to be with him daily. I sing and talk to him each time I’m with him, and have already started the concept of Honor, Fairness, Kindness, and Truth. Did I mention that he’s a genius? Jeanie and I are very happy.

Arnie Moore CdeP 1963

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