Graham Douds ’04

I’m still living in San Francisco. I’ve just completed my first year as an associate attorney with a great law firm, Barr & Young Attorneys, in Danville, CA. I am proud to announce that I am engaged to an amazing woman who is a ER nurse at Highland Hospital in Oakland, CA. Ward Sorrick, CdeP 2004 will be the Best Man in the wedding; Other groomsman include Chris Eaton CdeP 2004, Max Kuhl CdeP 2004, Chris Goldman CdeP 2004, and Richard Smith CdeP 2003, among others. Undoubtedly the ceremony will have lots of Toads in attendance. Also, I was thrilled to get a chance to watch a Thacher baseball game in San Francisco while the team was up here for their (newly) annual spring trip.

Graham Douds CdeP 2004

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