Dan Meehl ’58

I have lived in Twin Falls, Idaho, since 1967, and practiced law until 1971 when I began a 30 year career as an Idaho state judge. I semi retired in 2001, and worked part time until my open heart surgery on January, 2010. Since then, I’ve been fully retired. This August, I participated in a mini Thacher reunion with my 3 best Thacher friends: Wes Petit (CdeP 1959), C.J. Bryan (CdeP 1958), and John “Kit” Syer (CdeP 1958). My wife, Maureen, passed away in 1971 and I never remarried. Fortunately, I was raised by her 4 children, whom I adopted. All the rest of us brought their lovely wives, making the reunion quite balanced.

Dan Meehl CdeP 1958

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