Rick Foreman ’44

We would have loved to have been at the reunion but Orene and I are not traveling any more as we are both considerably slowed down. On January 2nd of this year we moved into a retirement community here in Cincinnati. All of this happened at just the right time as Orene came down with a compression fracture in her back and ended up in the hospital for a week. She is well on the way to mending now but we are both suffering the ills of the mid-eighties with walkers and too many pills and blood thinners. But we are not complaining – we are upright and still with it and enjoying life with lots of laughs.

It’s hard for me to really believe that I have been retired for 22 years. I am still keeping myself a bit involved in our machine tool and manufacturing business and doing a bit of mentoring but now principally with grandchildren. That keeps me on the ball and having fun with them looking at new tech ideas and business plans.

Rick Foreman CdeP 1944

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