Peter Cole ’83

1983PeterCole3I am pleased to be currently in residence at the Museum of Arts and Design in Manhattan at Columbus Circle and 58th Street. Each Friday, through the end of May, I will be in the Artist Studio on the 6th floor, from 9:30-5:30. These are two of the pieces I have been working on while chatting with the many intelligent visitors. The white objects are reworked in a different way each week within the vitrine, while Big Hanky holds my entire collection of handkerchiefs from years of estate sales.

The residency for me has taken the form of an extended meditation on themes of collection and excess, and I will be please to update you further as sculptures get made. Please visit, and if you contact me prior, I can put your name on the guest list for a specific Friday.

Very best,1983PeterCole2

Peter Cole CdeP 1983

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