Michèle Barnett Berg ’87

This year has made for multiple mini Thacher reunions which I really appreciate as–being abroad for the past 11 years–I have not made it to the past couple of reunions. On New Years Eve we had a great time with Eleanor Whelan O’Neill ’87 and her family at the Getty Museum and the Santa Monica Pier. Then during our Spring Break it turned out – thanks to seeing on Facebook – that Katie Parsons ’87 and Daisy Moore Lalwani ’87 and I were all in NYC with our families so we had a fun time meeting up one afternoon. This summer, Tom Cole ’87 and his wife Linda (who coincidentally used to live 3 blocks from our house) and his kids came to Stockholm and we spent time out on our boat and visiting one of the nearby horse farms. In November, I will be running the NYC marathon with Ami Becker-Aronson ’86. Life is good here in Sweden and I am keeping busy with my consulting business, being a soccer and ice hockey mom and running – just did my first Ultra marathon in August. Love to see any other Toads if they make it this far North!

Michèle Barnett Berg CdeP 1987

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