Cameron Kemp ’09

Since graduating from Davidson College in May, I have been working as a Project Coordinator with the 2Seeds Network, an agricultural development nonprofit that works with rural farmers in Tanzania. I am so happy to have found an organization whose values and projects deeply align with my own beliefs. I am working on the Bungu Project in the Usambara Mountains of northeastern Tanzania, facilitating a small farmers’ group by providing micro-loans that allow farmers to take informed risks in a stagnate market, organizing trainings about financial and group management, and working together to insure better income security in the region and elevate the overall quality of life. Not to mention my recently-acquired Swahili is safi sana. Check out more details at my project blog and a video and learn more about the work my friends are doing on other projects in the 2Seeds Network! If the work speaks to you (and after you make your annual donation to Thacher, of course), please consider supporting my project at

Cameron Kemp CdeP 2009

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