Calvin Kim ’05

In June 2013, I was (honorably) discharged as a 1st Lieutenant from the Republic of Korea Air Force, thereby concluding my 40 month-long military service. During my service, I was an interpreter for the bureau within the Republic of Korea Joint Chiefs of Staff responsible for military-to-military diplomacy with our allies around the world. Thanks to the Korean military, I had the opportunity to visit Brussels, Washington, Honolulu, Tel Aviv, Ankara, and Sydney, where I wined, dined, and translated for top-ranking admirals and generals.

Even after discharge, my travels, it seems, haven’t quite ended – I’ll be spending the next two years (at least) in the Big Apple, where I’m currently attending the School of International & Public Affairs (SIPA) at Columbia University. I’m having a blast being a (master’s) student again, studying social policy and communications. If you’re in NYC, then, as that song by C.R. Jepsen goes, “call me maybe.”

Calvin Kim CdeP 2005

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