Bill Wheeler ’58

“Different places on the face of the earth have different vital effluences,
different vibrations, different chemical exhalations,
different polarity, with different stars:
Call it what you like, but the spirit of place is a great reality.”

Well… Ok… that’s a bit overblown, but what do you expect from D.H. Lawrence? But it is true. I am writing from San Miguel de Allende in the central Mexican highlands where I think I sent my last class note. Many people come here imagining they will find a “different polarity,” and they do. Despite the picture painted by the American press of drug violence and hurricanes, there is a life in Mexico that we have been enjoying for a couple of months a year for the last 12 years. This is a vibrant and quite magical place with the atmosphere of a 16-17th century well preserved colonial town.
There is riding, which I have rediscovered thanks to Thacher, in the ring and the campo; golf; tennis; a different language and culture; challenging discoveries and other pursuits; great restaurants and theater; and music bursting from the streets as the mariachis compete for attention around the central plaza.
Suffice it to say, it is also a relief to not hear about the fiscal cliff or the drama in Syria, and many of the issues that occupy us at home.

Best regards to our Thacher friends, and I send a painting that I just finished of the iconic Parroquia.

Bill Wheeler CdeP 1958

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