Alessandra Waste ’08

2008AlessandraWaste 2008AlessandraWaste2 smlIt’s been a busy year for Alessandra! Her short animated film, “Ink,” premiered in Los Angeles and was awarded the USC Discovery Scholar Medal. Will Sturgeon (CdeP 2008) was the composer, writing and recording the entire fantastic score! (Photo of Waste & Sturgeon at screening). After graduating from USC School of Cinematic Arts, Alessandra packed up and moved to Glasgow, Scotland. Talk about a complete change of scenery, though she did run into Rita Walton (CdeP 2008) who was at St. Andrews for a semester and they visited the Curwens on a trip down to London. (photo of Waste & Walton). Alessandra is now studying toward a Master of Design in Animation at the Glasgow School of Art.

Alessandra Waste CdeP 2008

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