Laurel A. Poolman ’10

I am now a junior at the George Washington University majoring in Archaeology with a minor in Biological Anthropology. After my freshman year, I won the Biblical Archaeology Scholarship which enabled me to spend six weeks working on a 3500 year old Canaanite palace in Northern Israel (Tel Kabri). I then decided to bum my way around a bit of the Middle East, traveling with a friend of mine through Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Jordan and Turkey. The next summer I received a National Science Foundation fellowship to work on a human skeletal collection at the University of Notre Dame. For this coming summer, I’ve been hired by some folks at the University of Chicago to return to Turkey and help with the zooarchaeology on the Bronze Age site of Zincirli Hoyuk. In my time here, I’ve coauthored two pieces that are currently in press: a book chapter in an upcoming 3-volume book set, Social Entrepreneurship, ed. Thomas Lyon, and several entries in the newest edition of The Encyclopedia of Human Evolution, ed. Bernard Wood. I’m currently working as a researcher with Dr. Eric Cline on his book about the fall of the Ancient Bronze Age in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean. Otherwise, I spend my time as an Honors Program peer-advisor or working at a local coffee shop.

Laurel A. Poolman CdeP 2010

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