John Jack Miller III ’51

I now live a BENIGN life on a 2 acre hillside raising veggies, flowers, and fruit after having surgery for a BENIGN lung tumor and BENIGN meningioma, which is still present and growing slowly under medical therapy.  My career in pediatric rheumatology ended full-time as Prof at Stanford 15 years ago, but was followed by full time consultation posts in London and Mexico City, and a part time outreach clinic for Stanford in Santa Cruz up to 3 years ago.  In my most active years I was an invited speaker or mediator at meetings in Bergen, Helsinki (where I had an evening with classmate Bertel Ekman ’51 and a visit with a fellow from my lab who had become head of the Finland Red Cross Blood Bank), Paris, Pavia, Prague x2 (communist and post-communist eras!), Manila, Malaysia, Singapore, Sydney, Warsaw.  I have had an award from a 5 year USA Ped Rheu meeting and been named a “Master” by the American College of Rheumatology.  So I am happy with Thacher getting me into college!  Of interest, Thacher’s headmaster when my 2 oldest sons were students there in the mid-70s now lives up here and gives lectures for meetings of the South Skyline Association.

John Jack Miller III CdeP 1951

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