Neal Howe ’69

This school year my wife Patricia and I are serving as the Parent Association representatives to the school’s Board of Directors. We are in this role in part because my daughter is a senior but in part because of the remarkable record of service and support that the class of ‘69 has demonstrated over many, many years. Who would have guessed?

I assumed I was going to be the last of us to have a child go through Thacher but Jim Howard has a freshman this year. Scott Kennedy has a couple of young ones as well, so you never know. As part of a new parent event, Jim hosted a ‘New Parents Barbecue’ the evening parents dropped off their new Toads. Bob Acquistapace did the big time, delicious Santa Maria barbecue at Jim’s house. Acquistapace hasn’t changed much. After all this time it seemed so fitting that he had a big fork and a fire. He’s still the same and it was a ton of fun to see him.

Remember Casa de Piedra? It was ‘the new dorm’ when we arrived. Our first CdeP home is now being renovated. If you’ve been away for a while I hope you find time to make it back while school is in session. I stress ‘while schools is in session’ because it’s the people that have impressed us so much. The students, the faculty, the staff, all so excellent.

Patricia and I will miss seeing the school as often as we have the past 3 years but hope to see you if you’re in Sacramento or at the next reunion.

Neal Howe CdeP 1969

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