Michael S. Milligan ’62

50 YEARS. Who knew we’d ever be 50 years old, much less 50 years out of Thacher? On June 8 we encounter the reality that those old guys doddering around the campus looking nostalgic and muttering about the Rough House… well, they’re us. And it will be a grand gathering. We have class members coming from all over: LINDGREN from Sweden, MCREYNOLDS from South Dakota, BRODY from New York, LOOK from New Orleans. WHITNEY says he’ll leave Connecticut, KERR, MILLIGAN and GRACE will abandon the damp of the Northwest, and we’re even getting QUINLAN out of Salinas. We also expect to see IGNON, LARSEN, LEWIS, MARSTEN, PORTER, RECSEI, STORKE, WOLFORD and have hopes of pulling in a few more. Not only that, but we will be graced with the presence of Mary GOODWIN and Beth GREENE. It will be memorable.

Michael S. Milligan CdeP 1962

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