Andrew Farrand ’58

I just finished reading John Sanger’s post to the class of ’58 alumni. I wish I could be envious of John’s voyages, but as I get seasick on a waterbed, I’m afraid I would never have made it home. But his trips do sound terrific.

Eleanor and I continue to watch our granddaughter, Isabelle, grow into a very bright and academically gifted young lady of 11 years. She is a delight in all ways and lives with her mother close to us in Davis, not far from us in Woodland, CA, so we see her a great deal.

We also acquired another child, this time a four-footed one who at six months weighs about 90 pounds and, the breeder says, should grow to be about 160-70 pounds. An English Mastiff, she takes enormous delight in tearing our house to pieces and pulling at the jowls of her two Bull Mastiff playmates, one 90 and the other 80 pounds. They are all cream puffs and a delight to have around. One of the Bull Mastiffs, Zoe, was given to my youngest son 3 weeks before he died, and so, through her we remain in contact with this glorious young man we so wish was still with us in more than spirit.

Eleanor and I wish everyone who reads this the best of everything in 2012, and a retention of sanity as we head up to the election. My God, what an insane process we have.

Andrew Farrand CdeP 1958

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