Christian Janss ’95

Greetings!  Writing to announce the arrival of Calvin James Janss!  Born July 22, a happy & lively baby boy.  This brings the grand total to three, yes, three kids.  Lila just started Kindergarten (blowing my mind) and Ollie is an unstoppable force.
I just attended the LA gathering and met many wonderful alumni and parents.  Let’s try make it to the SB one in November, it would be great to see people again.
As for me, I’m in my second year at AFI for Cinematography.  It’s enjoyable but hectic with kids.  I’m beginning prep on my thesis film shooting in Feb — “Pyro & Klepto” a love story between a pyromaniac and a kleptomaniac. 🙂  It will be a major challenge, but I’m excited about the story.  Please check out the website and ‘like’ us on Facebook.
Love to all!

Christian Janss CdeP 1995

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