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Hi! I’m Andrew, a Senior from Los Angeles, California. I found out about Thacher through an alumnus from my middle school.

What I like best about living and studying at Thacher: My favorite part about living at Thacher is dorm life. As the only child in my family, getting to live with others my age is great. From deciphering English passages with my friends to chilling at late night munch-outs with my prefect group, I get to experience a camaraderie that I have longed for since my early childhood. During vacations, I always look forward to coming back to my room at Thacher, which I usually think of as my home.
My favorite class at the moment is AP Physics because Mr. Harris, my teacher, is wonderful and because I have always had an interest in Physics. In a class with only five other classmates and an expert (and funny!) teacher, there is little more that I can ask for in a class.

People at Thacher—peers, schoolmates, faculty, staff, others—who have influence me positively and how:
Honestly, everyone at Thacher has influenced me positively. But one person that stands out in my mind is Ms. McMahan, my freshman year advisor and the nurse in charge of the Health Center. Ms. McMahan really helped me to adjust to life at Thacher, and counseled me throughout my freshman year as if she were one of my parents.

Advice for someone thinking about going away to school or specifically coming to Thacher:
I seriously advise that you consider this possibility for your future. It will change your life (for the better) in many ways. Going away to school has been an amazing and transformative experience for me, and I am positive that such a venture on your part would help you too. As for Thacher, I picked this school because of a combination of the amazing community, campus, and academic life that I knew I would have here.

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