Drones- Casey Gaughan

    Drones (specifically, drone attacks by the US)


    • what it is:  an unmanned aircraft or ship guided by remote control

    • US currently sending drones into Yemen, Pakistan, and Somalia, mostly to wipe out Al Qaeda as part of ‘war on terror’

    • issue:

      • little transparency, especially w/ civilian casualties (CA senator said they were in single digits each year, bureau of investigative journalism reported between 435 and 1385 in the last 11 years)

      • no rules

        • no congressional oversight

        • no judicial review

        • haven’t released their criteria for proving someone is enemy – can basically kill anyone


    violates right to life of innocents and is unjust

    not saying drones are overall a bad method, though they are majorly toeing the line with the idea that someone can be killed from miles away with the push of a button, but it is the way the US is conducting the strikes that is an issue

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