Drones- Casey Gaughan

    Drones (specifically, drone attacks by the US)   what it is:  an unmanned aircraft or ship guided by remote control US currently sending drones into Yemen, Pakistan, and Somalia, mostly to wipe out Al Qaeda as part of ‘war on …
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    1000 Cranes Project

    Dhondup Wangchen, a Tibetan film-maker, was arrested in March 2008. His film series of interviews with Tibetans on their opinions of the Beijing Olympics and Chinese occupation led to his sentence of 6 years in a labour camp, known for …
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    U.S. Move Towards Gun Regulation?

    Here’s a bit of good news for Human Rights. The U.S. signed the Arms Trade Treaty. This will potentially reduce the number of arms exported that are a risk to human rights. http://blog.amnestyusa.org/us/its-official-united-states-signs-u-n-arms-trade-treaty