Rey Balderas ’82

Wishing everyone the best! I picked up running the last two years, ran my first Marathon last year, and will now run Boston this year for the first time. Besides working and serving in my local church, I have been enjoying my daughter’s soccer performances, working with her through the recruiting process and college visits. […]

Sarah Lavender Smith ’86

Following the adages “do what you love,” “follow your passion,” and “make work more like play,” I started a business as a personal running coach to supplement my work as a writer for Trail Runner magazine. I coach adults of all levels, for distances ranging from the 5K to 100 miles and multi-day stage races. […]

Julia Romano ’00

I’m winding down on my third – yes third – Masters degree – this time a Masters of Science in Yoga Therapy! ‘Twas a seemingly circuitous path getting me here – from journalism, to international relations work, to psychology – and yet the work I’m doing now feels like a straight shot from the heart. […]

John Taylor ’65

I continue to love retirement–not sure how I ever had time to work! Have just submitted another history book to the publisher and continue my work on restoring a 1944 steam locomotive and singing in the New MexiChords, an Albuquerque barbershop chorus. One of my granddaughters will be a freshman in college next year, another […]