Robert Rex ’74

The last two years, I participated and rode every mile of the Pablove Pediatric Cancer Fundraiser. The event starts north of San Francisco and ended in Hollywood, 540 miles in seven days, 340 in the first four. At 62, it’s reasonably grueling… I was on the bike 9.5 hours on day three.  Our four man […]

Nick Cunningham ’46

Hello classmates and other beneficiaries of Thacher’s exceptional growing up environment: Choosing between Thacher, Harvard College, and Johns Hopkins med school as my #1 priority in terms of loyalty is easy: it’s Thacher. I was SO fortunate, and am everlastingly grateful to my Thacher brothers Ty (’39) and Larry (’42) for telling my parents that […]

Alexander Van Dyke ’46

My youngest son Todd Jones, M.D. was married to Jennie Poste, M.D. from Palos Verdes Calif on the island of Ischia, Italy next to Capri at the beautiful Soccorso Church on September 12. They were classmates in medical school. Todd is in his third year of surgical residency in Montefiore, N.Y. and Jennie in her second […]

Annie F. Riddell ’95

Annie Jack (CdeP ’95) married Travis Riddell in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on July 28 in the company of many beloved Toads, including (from left to right), Emily Wilson (’95), David McCloskey (’96), Antonia Fairbanks Sivyer (’95), Meghan Jeans (’93), Kacey Perkins Tift (’95), Wilson Reniers (’95), Ramsay Palmer (’95) and Abigail Johnson Cannon (’95). The […]