Calvin Kim ’05

In June 2013, I was (honorably) discharged as a 1st Lieutenant from the Republic of Korea Air Force, thereby concluding my 40 month-long military service. During my service, I was an interpreter for the bureau within the Republic of Korea Joint Chiefs of Staff responsible for military-to-military diplomacy with our allies around the world. Thanks […]

Sarah Brown-Campello ’08

I have finished my masters in Australia, and am currently living in Israel. I am participating in an Israeli nonprofit program called Yahel Social Change. I am involved in development and community empowerment programs, specifically focusing on working with Ethiopian Israelis and other minority groups. Sarah Brown-Campello CdeP 2008

Laurel A. Poolman ’10

I am now a junior at the George Washington University majoring in Archaeology with a minor in Biological Anthropology. After my freshman year, I won the Biblical Archaeology Scholarship which enabled me to spend six weeks working on a 3500 year old Canaanite palace in Northern Israel (Tel Kabri). I then decided to bum my […]