Hi-chan Hirose ’66

I would like to offer my deep condolences on passing away of Mr. Shagam, who was a great supervisor of this AFS student. Although I missed the big reunion this year, I was so delighted to receive such heart full “Hi, Hi-chan!” video greetings from many classmates, whose voices and smiles are just like 50 […]

Tom Hale ’86

Tom hosted the first annual Austin TX Thacher Alumni event in March, and was joined by Toads from all around the great state of Texas. Tom lives in Austin with his wife, Karen; daughters: Anna, Ivy, and Julia; and spends his days launching rockets, flying drones, and promoting vacation rentals via the HomeAway family of […]

Chuck Thorne ’52

Still enjoying good health in retirement, and living in Kenosha, WI, overlooking the harbor and Lake Michigan, which is full of boats in the summer and ice in the winter. Expecting our first great-grandchild in September, and trying to recover from the shock of being a “great.” Still looking for other things to be “great” […]