Tom Saidy ’82

Living in Washington, DC, in the Trump era is anything, but boring. I can see flames coming out of White House chimney from my office! Crazy days. Very different from my days working for George H.W. Bush back in the late 80s and 90s. He was such a great man. Went to his funeral and […]

Sarah G. Morrow ’00

Sarah spent the first half of 2015 in South America volunteering, traveling and taking lots and lots of photos! She now works as the Wellness Travel Manager for Pravassa, a travel company that specializes on international wellness retreats. Follow Sarah’s travels on Instagram @sarah2morrow Sarah G. Morrow CdeP 2000

Peter B. Goodrich ’69

Peter Goodrich participated in the building of thirty houses in Kandal Province, Cambodia, in July for the third year in a row with the group. After completion, he spent a week visiting Upper-Upper classmate Mui in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, before trekking in Myanmar. From Thailand, Peter then visited Justin and Sandy Faggioli, Dan, […]