Justin Faggioli ’69

The highlight of our summer was the wedding of our daughter, Claire (CdeP 2002), to Daniel Sternberg (by the way, he is a great guy). We had a wonderful weekend of events, culminating with the ceremony and celebration on our Sonoma Ranch. Many Thacher graduates, parents, faculty and former faculty joined in the celebration. Claire […]

Cynthia Santos ’11

Hello! I’m finishing up my Bachelor’s degree in Animation at California College of the Arts right now!I’ve been living in the SF Bay Area for almost 3 years now, and I’ve been loving every minute of it. I’ve also started to work as a freelance Illustrator recently, which has been very rewarding. noneedforsuspicion.tumblr.com Cynthia Santos […]

Nick Young ’94

Hi Thacher friends! a quick note… A film my brother Zack and I produced, animated, & scored–called William Kurelek’s The Maze–is being presented by the Governor General of Canada on October 9th to raise awareness about mental health in Canada and honor the celebrated artist William Kurelek. to find out more info, please visit: themazemovie.com […]