Lynn T. White ’59

Lynn recently retired from Princeton with fancy titles (‘professor emeritus,’ ‘senior research scholar’), which just means that pay ended. Actually, he is still doing research on Chinese politics and development, publishing four articles this year and planning a book about the Philippines. He and Barbara-Sue now return for winters to their native California, at Berkeley, […]

Christopher M. Henze ’59

My recent interest in genealogy and family history has proved very rewarding. I would encourage everyone at our age to document and preserve what they (oops, Mr. Huyler, “he/she”) can for future generations. Otherwise much will be lost. My sister and I made a family history pilgrimage to Germany. We donated our sculptor great-grandfather’s handwritten […]

Christopher Henze ’59

Couldn’t resist! Am in Bethesda MD, where our daughter, Sabrina, and her husband just presented us with our first grandchild, a boy named Luca. Gorgeous Indian summer here, which must be a good omen for a life just beginning. Here’s a photo of all of us emerging yesterday from Georgetown U. hospital. Best wishes to […]