J. Brooks Crawford ’51

Since Brooks Crawford would have been the only member of his class to attend his 65th reunion, he skipped that reunion and instead attended the 65th reunion of the class of 1953, his brother’s class. He enjoyed spending time with his many good friends from that class as well as friends from other reunion classes. […]

Dick Wilson ’51

Dick Wilson, Ray Woolson, Dick Roberts and Dave Conlan constituted the oldest class delegation at the October 1 celebration in Hanover of 100 years of Dartmouth soccer. Dick Roberts reports: “Sam Hopkins, assistant AD, was the master of ceremonies and in his introduction, he recognized two classes, first was the team from 1988 that was […]

J. Brooks Crawford ’51

After 45 years, I retired from my private practice in December, 2012. However, I still work at The University of California San Francisco medical school as a Clinical Professor and co-director of the eye pathology laboratory–doing the pathology reports, teaching, and research–and have been asked to start an eye clinic at The St. Anthony’s free […]

John Jack Miller III ’51

I now live a BENIGN life on a 2 acre hillside raising veggies, flowers, and fruit after having surgery for a BENIGN lung tumor and BENIGN meningioma, which is still present and growing slowly under medical therapy.  My career in pediatric rheumatology ended full-time as Prof at Stanford 15 years ago, but was followed by […]