Sam Wright ’48

With the mandatory “sheltering in” I have been inspired to go through old files, boxes and albums, something like an archeological dig in that one finds layers of one’s past in receding order. Much of Thacher, with pictures of the soccer team, the upper school, glee club Los Trobadores with Van and Barbara Griggs, etc., all of which regenerate memories of those wonderful four years. With the loss of Bud Lester and Chris Boyle our class is now seven strong and as individuals are excellent correspondents as these notes will attest. Amongst my diggings: notes of projects unfilled and I have enjoyed having the time to take up again several unfinished ones and am finishing one book and starting another, neither of commercial consequence. Our 20 acre Sandy Waler-designed retreat in the hills above Watsonville has proved to be an ideal environment in which to try to stay virus-free. Although when I finish my various works and reach the bottom of all my old Bankers Boxes I am looking forward to re-visiting the outside world. No fires immediately around us although the dryness of the landscape is ominous. California has lost over 400 million acres to the fires, an area larger than the state of Connecticut. Stay well and stay alert. This too shall pass.

Sam Wright CdeP 1948

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