Tom Saidy ’82

Living in Washington, DC, in the Trump era is anything, but boring. I can see flames coming out of White House chimney from my office! Crazy days. Very different from my days working for George H.W. Bush back in the late 80s and 90s. He was such a great man. Went to his funeral and sobbed tears of joy and sadness.

Still working in emerging markets investment management here at Cartica. Just returned from 3 weeks in Asia: Hong Kong (protests aren’t as crazy as press would lead you to believe although they are disruptive), weekend at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia (incredible and a must do for all), Bangkok, and Singapore. Stayed with John Davies and family in Singapore. Incredibly gracious hosts and they LOVE living there. In case you hadn’t heard, Asia really is the future. Family life is great in DC. Our girls, Margaux (16) and Jane (14) are hard working and fun loving high schoolers. I am navigating life of father of daughter with first boyfriend. Pretty easy as the guy is the most responsible 16 year old ever. Captain of Gtown Prep golf team and a 4.0 student. I hope they are all like this…..My wife, Stacey, continues her successful interior design work and keeps us all going. Come see us!

Tom Saidy CdeP 1982

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