Rey Balderas ’82

This year (2019), I am continuing to run, train, pace lead, and coach with the Dallas Running Club and the Rockwall, TX running club. In February, May, and September, I was able to pace lead half marathons. In April, I ran a Marathon and will run another in December followed by another Boston Marathon in 2020. I have a great time cruising the roads and neighborhoods with a variety of people and being a part of their successes. My daughter is a senior at Dallas Baptist University so I am continuing to mentor her on making good choices that fit her world view. Somehow, I still think of her as graduating high school but I guess I need to grow up and recognize her adulthood. She will likely spend a year in Brazil after graduation and then on to graduate school. So this is how I have been spending my time; running, working, and family.

Rey Balderas CdeP 1982

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