Barclay Grayson ’88

In August 2019, Barclay Grayson CdeP 1988 married Ms. Katrina Heilman at the Allison Inn in Newberg, OR. Besides best man Blake Grayson CdeP 1991, they were also joined by a number of CdeP 1988 alumni, including officiant Robert Cohen who presided over a heartfelt ceremony, as well as groomsman Robert Butler, Elizabeth (Graham) Tanji and Patrick Chu. Barclay’s children (Bailey, Nicholas and Remington Grayson) were especially appreciative to hear all the Thacher memories that were discussed late into the evenings of the weekend.

Barclay Grayson CdeP 1988

L to R: Robert Cohen, Blake Grayson, Barclay Grayson, Robert Butler.
L to R: Robert Butler, Elizabeth (Graham) Tanji, Robert Cohen
L to R: Bailey Grayson, Barclay Grayson, Katrina (Heilman) Grayson, and Remington Grayson

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