MIKE VOEVODSKY reporting in for the class, has the following update.  TOM SAIDY; still in DC, Saids says his girls are now in high school and dealing with all those joys.  A new lab puppy is soon to join the family; labrador of course.  Tom, put your good shoes out of reach. MARIAN “MUFFET” HUNTINGTON Schinske – she’s recently been nominated to Marin’s Hall of Fame for her work with children living in poverty.  Her son Robert is at school in San Louis Obispo Cal Poly – did you remember that MARK CAMERON lives there?  He’s still involved in the fire department, so in the event Robert starts a fire (college students) Mark can help. She also reports “my dear classmate LAURENCE WOLLAK” has translated her book into French and Spanish.  For the record Muffet, we all claim Laurence, but nice try.  Cameron – As you may not know, Mark retired from the Fire Department this year; is he old enough to retire?  Turns out he enjoyed retirement so much, he is back to volunteering at the, wait for it, yes, Fire Department.   BRIAN KASDAY, living in Las Vegas, says he’s “running a marketing agency with my wife, Laura. Our non-working lives are consumed with competitive tennis – my four younger children all play at a high level (Blake made it into the top 10 nationally for Boys 16’s). My hobby for the last 15 years has been gourmet cooking – this month a lot of attention has been focused on perfecting thin crust pizza. I haven’t seen any Thacher alum for quite some time but you’re always welcome to visit while in Vegas (and grab a slice 🙂 )”  From DOUG FRANCIS:  “Gina and I just trying to get second daughter through Junior year/soccer/college choice, while my oldest is a sophomore at Trinity College in Hartford, CT.  I’m still running an event-driven hedge fund for GMO in Boston, golfing as often as possible but not getting any better, and looking forward to the flakes flying so the ski season can start in earnest.”  Continuing the ski theme, JOHN HERZOG reports:  “I’ve always wanted to live in a ski town, so I moved to Mammoth Lakes at the beginning of the summer. I like it so much I’ve decided to stay the winter. The goal: ski as many days as years I’ve been alive. It’s good to have goals. If you are in the area, hit me up!”  DREW HORTON might be onto something on a second career, with this update:  “I am enjoying my fourth wine harvest as a research winemaker/enology specialist for the U of Minnesota’s Grape Breeding & Enology Project. This is my 19th wine harvest and 8th year in Minnesota and I am still in love with the Midwest and my wonderful Midwest wife Sherryl.”  Finally, JILL STEVENSON – last I heard from Jill was in May; she said “I am sitting inside enjoying a cup of coffee as the rain falls in Boise; there has been so much rain, I’m contemplating building an ark!”  Jill, very ambitious, but a tad dramatic since the average rainfall is Boise is only 12” – US Average is 39”. Curious about Jill’s statement, I looked up the rainfall in Boise for May, and it isn’t reported; conspicuously unreported since 2016. Hmmm…

Mammoth Lakes—Herzog’s new home

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