Sam Wright ’48

Notes from the Class of ’48 and beyond:

Continuing a tradition of over 50 years, 13 Thacher alumnae and alumni gathered this past December 11 for a luncheon at the Pacific Union Club, in San Francisco courtesy of Elliot Hayne ’48.

The annual gathering, dubbed the “San Francisco Do Nothing Except Have Christmas Lunch Club,” (SFDNEHCLC) consisted of:
Bruce Dohrmann ’47
Peter Dunne ’48
Elliot Hayne ’48
Sandy Walker ’48 (still plying his architectural practice after 60 plus years)
Sam Wright ’48
Jim Kirkham ’50
George Montgomery ’51
Jim Acquistapace ’61
Cabot Brown ’79
Peter Dunne ’81
Mark Hayne ’86
Isabel Hayne ’14
Gillian Kneass ’91

Also, those from the Class of ’48 registered and heading back for our 70th (!) Reunion in June are John and Claire Bissell, Elliot and Judy Hayne, Sandy Walker, and Sam and Terry Wright.

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