Paul Gavin ’71

Tonight, Villanova University won the NCAA Finals. My father, Austin Gavin, was an Ojai resident and Villanova Prep Ojai Class of 1940. I followed my father to Villanova University and played varsity lacrosse my freshman year (thanks to Thacher’s lacrosse program and classmate Todd Oppenheimer’s insistence I try out. I also came back to coach lacrosse in 1982, 83 & 85). I shared the 2016 victory with my father. Then he passed November 1, 2017, at 94 years and 32 days. But my Mom, family, and I think Dad and his Ojai childhood friend, John Lyttle CdeP 1942, rooting from their “Sky Box,” enjoyed the night—and perhaps assisted in this victory.

Paul Gavin CdeP 1971

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