James “Kirk” Kirkham ’50

Fellow classmate, Miles Carlisle, and I plan to celebrate our 85th birthdays together on May 19, in Bolinas. Included will be mutual good friend, Winnifred Noble, classmate Dr. Morris Noble’s widow. As for me, still married to Kathy Dibblee (57 Years); two children, Lila and James D.; and four grandchildren, Sam and Allison Ansel, Leela and Asha Kirkham. Also four stents and two artificial hips (three actually; one got blown out cross country skiing and had to be replaced). Still play squash (doubles) twice a week. Miles is coming west from his home in Washington, DC. I asked whether there were any other CdeP’s he wanted to include. He said, “No. They’re all dead.” Not so. We hope to see Bruce and Eric Dohrmann, CdeP 47 and 49, both of whom, like me, are still alive to my knowledge at this writing. Anyone else alive among the CdePs of the half century, when Eisenhower was still a five-star general and the President shocked the public by calling a reporter an SOB (sic – gasp!)?

James F. Kirkham CdeP 1950

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