David Gal ’02

Last July, I married my girlfriend of 7 years, Sarah Raifman (the babe in white!), at Sugar Bowl. Tim Stenovec, Rob Brownell, Julien Rhodes, and my college roommate started the day at 6:30 am skinning to the top of Mt. Lincoln and skiing down. Later that afternoon, several Thacher grads helped celebrate at the top of Mt. Disney. Rob Brownell even forced everyone to sing Domine (see photo). Thacher grads in the photo: Brownell, Tim Stenovec, Andrew Poole, Bobby Kellogg, Claire Faggioli, Chelsea Bauch, Dana Gal ’05, Claire Milligan, Lucy Milligan ’00, Heidi Cole, Marshall Milligan ’69, Jose Estrada, John Bosche ’72, Julien Rhodes, Nick Horton, and Justin Faggioli ’69. It was awesome!

David Gal CdeP 2002

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