Ami Becker Aronson ’86

Hard to believe I have lived in DC the past 20 years! I love our nation’s capital and my children are 6th generation. I manage a private foundation and invest in people and ideas ( Any toads are always welcome to share arts, culture and democracy! I spent a few days in Reno with Leslie Clark Clay Caron over Xmas. Michèle Barnett Berg ’87 remains my “little sister” forever and always!

Ami Becker Aronson CdeP 1986

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  1. mike voevodsky says:

    Saw your note and that you are in DC. My daughter Paule (CdeP’12) is in DC working for Accenture. I see in the photo someone is wearing a Michigan logo. My other daughter Mia (CdeP’14) graduate this year, but likely headed to CA. Thought I would connect you and Paule:
    Mike CdP82

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