Marian Huntington Schinske ’82

My son Robert just started his first year at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, so we’re experiencing the eerie quiet of the “empty nest.” I’m sure many of my classmates are going through or have gone through the same thing. My heart goes out to you all! In other news, through my nonprofit NovatoSpirit, I’m now serving 75 children living in poverty with athletic scholarships to after-school sports, like karate, dance and soccer. They are doing very well, despite their considerable challenges with health and daily living—and some are homeless. This week I heard some expected good news: I have been nominated for the Marin Women’s Hall of Fame for my work with NovatoSpirit. Not sure I deserve this lofty nomination, but I am very grateful, and the publicity will enable me to help more kids. Sending warm wishes to all of you!

Marian Huntington Schinske CdeP 1982

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