Dyke Messler ’68

We hope our classmates will join us for our 50th reunion June 8-10, 2018. Some of us are planning on getting together on Wednesday June 6th, and we would appreciate input about the idea of having an outdoor barbecue on June 7th at the school. On June 8th, there is an afternoon luncheon in the Library Courtyard, and that evening the class of 1968 is invited to dine at the Mulligans. In addition, we are seeking suggestions for presentations Saturday morning June 9th, if anyone would want to do a presentation to alumni. We have also been asked to craft the Sunday Memorial Service. Please let us know if you would like to contribute in that endeavor.

Please contact Dyke Messler (jdmjr@midcoast.com) with any suggestions, or if you are near Ojai, Trav Newton (henrytraversnewton@yahoo.com). We hope that some of our former teachers will join us.

Dyke Messler CdeP 1968

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