Michael Voevodsky ’82

Is it me, or are others finding the Thacher network is becoming more prominent? The older I get, the tighter the orbits become – you know, the degrees of separation seem closer. I think Thacher has reached a kind of critical mass now. For instance, I moved to Grand Rapids 2 years ago, and was introduced to Mark Bissell ’75 who was at Thacher before we got there. His best friend and best man at his wedding, Scott LeFevre ’75, is the father of my daughter Mia’s ’14 Thacher classmate Annie LeFevre ’14. I was at a charity event this week with friends when I learned they went to college with Peter Conkey ’79, my/our prefect freshman year. Last summer, Alison¬†Terbell Nikitopoulos ’82 drove from Baton Rouge to New Oleans to take our daughter Paule ’12 out to dinner, after which Paule proclaimed Alison “super cool.” Recently, Stan Chiu ’82 was helping make introductions for Mia to colleagues in the architecture community, and one architect responded: “please send her our way… she comes from Thacher. She must be very bright.” I don’t know about you, but all these things put a smile on my face, and remind me how great it is that we went to school together. Looking forward to seeing everyone next year at the next reunion.


Michael Voevodsky CdeP 1982

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