Kris Zierhut ’90

It’s been a busy year for my connections to Thacher. I met up with the class of ’91 at their 25th reunion this past summer, and saw some faces I hadn’t seen since I graduated. My daughter Elanor’s academic advisor this year is another Thacher graduate, Nick Tranmer (’92). And a steady stream of more recent graduates have been contacting me for tours of Blizzard Entertainment, where I’ve worked for the last 11 years. If you’re interested in the game industry, please look me up. I’m very happy to give more tours and job referrals.

David Van Slyke (’90), Charlotte Wahl Williams (’90), and I have been doing some online gaming together, allowing us to be together again despite living thousands of miles apart. We’d be happy to have more join us. If you’re interested, please contact me. We get together weekday nights at 8pm Pacific, just after David’s children have gone to bed.

Kris Zierhut CdeP 1990

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