Dawn Murray ’89

1989Murray-DawnI was invited to the Kingdom of Bhutan as a professor in the BSc Environmental Science and Management Program at The Royal Thimpu College (RTC). I took a leave from my job as Chair of the Undergraduate Program at Antioch University Santa Barbara and my sons, 13 and 11 years old, and I have been here since July. Teaching ecology and biodiversity in this landlocked Himalayan country known for natural beauty, diverse landscapes, and self-imposed mandate to keep at least 60% of the land under forest cover, is fascinating. As a marine biologist, even though there are no salt water bodies, there are plenty of lakes and rivers, and nine national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in Bhutan that harbor some of the rarest and most significant animals in the world – the rhinoceros, tiger, and snow leopard. I am leading eco-cultural trips here if you are interested in Gross National Happiness, wildlife conservation, and helping preserve the indigenous people living in the remote mountains. You can email me!

Dawn Murray CdeP 1989

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